The Tshirt

The t-shirt has exists for as long as we can remember and over time it has eveloved to become more than an item of clothing, the Tshirt has become a means of identifying oneself with a group, a symbol of a united group. The Tshirt has also become an item of clothing used to express oneself, a symbol to communicate one's feeling to the world. The t-shirt has ultimately reserved its place in our closets for an eternity

We are a design, send-to-print and delivery platform for end to end tshirt order management leveraging on a user rated network of partner printing agents for high quality location agnostic prints

At Teeme we believe that what you wear is how you are communicating yourself to the world. It is how the world will see and we are passionate about giving you ability to communicate the message that you want to communicate to the world

“The Tshirt is not just an item of clothing, it is a story about who we are and what we feel like.”

“The tshirt communicates our identity and gives us a voice.”

Our happy clients

At Teeme we go the extra mile to ensure that your Tshirt tells the story that you want it to, a story that you want to share with the world

We have learnt and continually learn to be the best at what we do. To deliver the best workmanship in a timely manner, because expressing yourself should not have to take you ages. These are some of our happy clients

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